Choosing the right exchange university

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May 8, 2014
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Choosing the right exchange university


More than 20 exchange universities to chose from ! Expenditure in the range of 4-5 lakh INR! Average duration of 3 months for a semester!

One opportunity! 

Well, if put that way it does seem to be a big decision. But, we are here to make this process easy and enable you to take a well-informed decision. Let’s look at what are the key factors that one should consider while picking an exchange university.



A student needs to clearly define his primary motive in opting for the exchange semester. It can be either studying at a renowned university and pursuing good courses with excellent faculty. It can also be a lenient attendance policy allowing you to travel as in when you wish. Expenses and connectivity to other countries can also be very critical factors. So, once you have decided which factors are significant and those that can be do away with, you should judge each university on the basis of the following elements.


Framework to analyze the university

CGPA range to get the college  –

First  and foremost, check the last 1-2 years trends of university allocation. Your batch rank, will give you a fair idea about the breadth of options you have to chose from.

Faculty , courses   

A good university is characterized by a great faculty and a variety of good courses offered. For students aiming to study for a majority of the time during the exchange semester, a best practice would be look into the global ranks based on faculty, courses, infrastructure, industry exposure etc.

No of seats, Indians –

It is good to have a few fellow students from your home university or from other Indian universities with you during the exchange semester. It helps you to have a group of like-minded people with you, plan your stay and travel together and also helps during times of need. For this, always look for universities with higher number of seats open for Indian students.

Hostel – 

Do check for hostel accommodation provision in the university. It saves you from the hassle of searching for a outside campus stay. Even if you travel during the semester, the hostel can serve as a base for keeping your luggage and other supplies.

Vacations – 

Few universities have a mid-semester break or the start of the semester is late. For such colleges, it is good to plan a longer travel schedule during these vacations.

Attendance criteria – 

THE highly critical factor while choosing the college would be the concerned attendance policy. From some of the universities having 85-100% mandatory attendance, there are many universities with courses requiring 0% attendance. Look for such universities because they will provide you with seamless travel itinerary.

Project work, Bunking – 

Prefer colleges which don’t stress too much on project work and have strict regulations against missing any of the lectures. It is highly possible that you end up traveling more than expected and you don’t want that to harm your grades due to absence in project work.

Expenditure – 

No doubt about this! The amount of money to be spent in stay, food and travel is a very important factor to be considered while selecting the university. While most of them have a similar range of expenditure, it might be on the higher side for universities in Switzerland, Norway, Finland, Sweden and Copenhagen. For such colleges, it is crucial to start your planning a bit early to look for cheaper stay options. Also, carrying a lot of packed food from India becomes a necessity.

Where to stay – 

It is advisable to stay close to your university campus (if no hostel facility is available). This saves time and money spent on local transport. If there are no options available which are close to the university, prefer a hostel/airbnb accommodation which has the city center nearby. This will be handy while shopping or traveling to any other place.

Travel and connectivity –

Countries like Austria, Germany, Belgium, Belgium & Netherlands offer good central location in Europe. This makes it easy to travel to different parts as and when one wishes to. Similarly France also is a good option for location, but most universities are strict in terms of attendance and also cost higher in terms of Eurail reservations.


These parameters are the most generic ones and there can be various other factors on case-to-case basis. Please drop any specific query in the comments below. Have a happy exchange semester! 🙂

Kedge University, France



Vienna University


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