Why choose German Universities for Exchange

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January 22, 2017
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January 23, 2017
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Why choose German Universities for Exchange

The German Universities are the most sought after by students planning to go for exchange to Europe. Most of them do not have any attendance criteria. The expenditure is also comparatively less. International trains do not require additional reservation charge. The city trains which you may use to go to college are also mostly covered under Eurail. For local transport within the cities, there are 2 options- S Bahn and U Bahn. The S-Bahn trains are free with your Eurail pass. For some places even if you need to take U Bahn or trams, it is very cheap.

The food is comparatively cheaper. The Mcdonald stores are also comparatively less costly. You can get full plate Indian lunch at 5 Euros ( for students).

The German Universities provide DAAD scholarship also, so it makes life lot easier. However, the competition is such high that you need to be top 50 among your batch to get German Universities.

Germany is centrally located. Connectivity is very good. General price levels are also very low. The only other comparable option is HEC Paris – which you should take only if you genuinely want to study.

The details about all universities shall be updated soon in this post.

For specific questions, please leave a message.

Nuremberg University, Germany



Zeppelin University, Germany

Vienna University






  1. PGP1 says:

    Which college is better HEC Paris or German Universities?

    • admin says:


      HEC Paris is one of the highest ranking universities that offer exchange semester opportunity to IIM students. The faculty, courses offered, student community and exposure will be over and above all other universities at HEC. Having said that, it also has a strict attendance policy (>=85%) which restricts too much travel. Also, for any EURAIL reservation (which one needs to make a lot), France has much higher charges than other country. This increases your expenses manifold.

      German universities with good central location, relatively lenient attendance restriction and a bit on the less expensive side in terms of travel would be a good choice for a student not strictly looking to study at a top-notch university like HEC.

  2. Aliza Kushin says:

    72 km/h é igual a 22 m/s !

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