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January 25, 2017
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Nuremberg University, Germany

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Hello folks.
Hope you are excited about spending a term abroad and already making plans about travelling to exotic locations. I spent the exchange term in School of Business and Economics, University of Erlangen-Nuremberg, Germany. This is not among the colleges eligible for DAAD scholarship, but is certainly a great place to spend 3 months of your exchange term. Last year, this college was taken by people with CGPA rank upto ~30. There were 5 seats from IIMB. IIM Indore and Udaipur folks also come to Nuremberg. Apart from that, there is a huge group of exchange students from other countries. Hostel accommodation is available but we didn’t apply for it. You can get good Airbnb accommodation at decent rates in Nuremberg. Public transport is phenomenal so distance form college is not a binding constraint.
The college term begins in October, so I spent entire September travelling extensively. There are about 5 courses which fit the requirements of IIMB schedule since the term in Nuremberg ends in February. Apart from 1 course (1-week) there is no attendance requirement for the others. We just had to meet the professors in the first week to sync up on exam dates and project deadlines. The exams can be taken in University before you leave for India. Some projects may spillover to Term 6 in IIMB. The curriculum is fairly simple and so are the exams. Despite no attendance, I would recommend attending a few classes to get a feel of how academics is approached abroad.
Nuremberg is pretty much the centre of Germany. Expect friends to stay over at your accommodation as they travel to other places in Germany and Eastern Europe. Besides, travelling to most cities is easy from Nuremberg. One major attraction is the globally renowned Nuremberg Christmas market. Last fortnight of November and December can get really cold. But that is not a reason that should deter you from choosing Nuremberg!

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