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Norwegian School of Economics, Norway


This post will help you evaluate NHH as an exchange university on the basis of the key points mentioned below:


CGPA range to get this college 

As per the previous year trends, this university can be easily obtained at a batch rank of 180-200. This has been primarily due to students with higher ranks preferring mainland European universities. This is primarily owing to better connectivity and cheaper stay options offered by them.

Faculty , courses

NHH has a wide range of courses to offer pertaining to all domains – Marketing, Strategy, Finance, Behavioral Sciences and Law. Majority of the courses do not have a restriction on number of seats. This allows the student to pick courses as per his/her choice. There is also a provision of enrolling in as many courses as one wants and then drop them up before the exams. Faculty overall is highly student friendly. They allow to work remotely and give ample guidance about the exams.

No of seats, Indians

On average the number of seats offered have been 5-6 students per Indian university. Mostly IIM Bangalore and IIM Ahmedabad students have been the part of exchange program at NHH in the past. There is a good number of Indian and other Asian students studying in the university as well.


There is a subsidized housing facility provided by SIB (welfare organization for students) to NHH students in close proximity to the college campus. There are shared rooms, kitchen and common areas available. They offer a good opportunity to mingle with students from other countries. These hostels are a hub for weekend parties. But the hostel service needs to be availed for the entire 3 months of the semester (mandatory). This makes the facility less appropriate due to students traveling most of the time. Most of the students going on exchange opt for an Airbnb apartment close to the university.


The best thing about NHH comes here. Due to the excessive flexibility and freedom offered by the university, a student wishing to utilize his entire 3 months on travel is easily able to do so. There are no regulations forcing a student to be present during any of the class lectures, presentations or project group meetings. Apart from the first 8-10 days where the student has to wait for the residence card, there is no restriction on leaving the country. One can make use of this initial period to explore Norway effectively. Student can later head out for the mainland countries.

Attendance criteria

Majority of the courses require 0% attendance. Student must carefully shortlist these courses, look for their mid-term assignments if any and also the end-term exam schedules. Signing up for these courses gives immense freedom to the student to travel and optimize his stay in Norway very effectively.

Project work, Bunking

As mentioned earlier, highly flexible curriculum with ample number of courses not requiring the student to be physically present for project work.


Being one of the most expensive cities of the world, student should be prepared to spend a bit more during the duration he/she spends in Norway. With good planning like – sharing of accommodation, food etc. the student can minimize the expenditure to a large extent. It is advisable to take large quantity of packaged Indian food to prevent excessive expense on purchasing food in Norway.

Where to stay

It is advisable to stay nearby the university as you might need to travel frequently to the campus in the initial days and in the end when you come back for the end-term exams. The college campus is very close to the city center (15 mins by the local bus).

Travel and connectivity

Being a remote country in terms of its location from the mainland, travel might seem to be a problem to some students. But, with no attendance requirement one will never need to come back during the exchange semester to Norway. Rather spending the initial two weeks (during September which is the best time to be in Norway due to good weather), one can go to Iceland (closest to Norway and cheap flight options) or explore other Scandinavian countries (Sweden and Finland) and then move to mainland Europe. Thus, this becomes a highly optimized trip plan in itself. It is advisable to make use of the Eurail to travel out from Norway.


Availability of good food at reasonable prices is an issue in Norway. Even the fast food joints price their products very high. So, it is highly recommended to carry lot of packed food and also to cook meals by own.

Course duration

The duration of the semester is around 4 months officially (mid-August to mid-December). The students can request for joining late and take those course which have end-terms earlier. As a result, they can shorten the semester to 3 months effectively.

Examination type – level

The final exams are mostly written exams, apart from a few online exams. The level of difficulty is easy to moderate for an average Asian business student, requiring only good study of the reading resources shared on the NHH’s student portal.

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