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January 22, 2017
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Kedge University, France


A beautiful campus

I went to Kedge University, France for Exchange and enjoyed a lot. Typically people with college rank between 80 to 140 take this university. There are nearly 6 seats for IIMB students. Nearly 30 students from various colleges in India choose Kedge University.

The course orientation was on 5th September. Classes started on 19th September. So we planned 15 day trip of Spain and Scandinavia during this period.

Course Selection

There are three cycles of 4 weeks each. We need to take maximum two courses per cycle.Students wanting to take only four courses can skip one cycle and be free for one complete month.The courses schedule are available beforehand, so you can choose them wisely and get 10-day breaks within each cycle also. Cycle 3 has 1 week long short courses, it is advisable to take them. Marketing courses are better.

Attendance Criteria

Kedge University wants an 80% attendance. However it is very easy to get it. There are 10 classes of 3 hours each. Sometimes proxies may work, but it depends on professor. There are lot of holidays between classes,so you can easily plan short trips.


Kedge University provides a Hostel- Alotra. But it is very expensive and not recommended. The college is far from main city. It will be difficult to return to hostel after 10 pm. You should book accommodation on Airbnb in areas near Metro station. We stayed near Castellana. There is good bus and metro connectivity.



You need to use metro and bus daily to reach college. So it is advisable to take monthly pass which costs 36 euros. If you are not staying continuously for a month, take a 10 ride ticket. You need to get student discount travel card at Castellena Metro Station to get these offers. The International train station is at Saint charles, which is connected through Metro. The sad part is that all trains have minimum 9 euros reservation fees even if you have eurail pass.




Key Benefits

The cycle structure allows you lot of time to roam around even after attending most of the classes. The course gets over by 25th november, so you can easily come back before time.Marseille is a beautiful city. Nice is nearby.


Some drawbacks

Connectivity from Marseille is expensive, which is true for all French universities. Dont travel alone very late at night.


To know more about Kedge or any other university, please use the comments section.

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